CryptoArt News: UKRAINIAN SPRING, Stop War Kevin, EUkraine flag, Tragic Pop, SuperRare

2 min readMar 11, 2022

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The UKRAINIAN SPRING cryptoart show, organized by Stellabelle, takes place March 12th in Cryptovoxels.

A benefit poster is available for purchase but, WAIT, you don’t have a STOP WAR KEVIN?

Go to the show, sign the guestbook and a STOP WAR KEVIN can be yours!

Then learn how to wear it in Cryptovoxels.

Other responses to the Russian invasion of Ukraine include WHA’s EUkraine flag intended to raise funds for Save the Children Ukraine

Danil Pan conducted a series of rapid fire auctions.

Unfortunately, the auctions fell between CryptoArt News issues around the time cryptoartists were rapidly responding to early news of the invasion. It’s been hard to keep up but many cryptoartists are supporting Ukraine in its time of need.


Bryan Brinkman’s Tragic Pop collection goes on sale at Nifty Gateway today at 6:30 pm.

Coldie is a guest curator at SuperRare where he discusses art he likes including pieces by CryptoArtNet members Moxarra and Pindar Van Arman,

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