CryptoArt NFTs: The Digital Pioneers, REFUGE, NASDAQ, Alotta Money, Art Business Conference, SAGE Anomaly

Multiple CryptoArtNet members are participating in The Digital Pioneers. a group show at Taglialatella Galleries in New York this evening including Sarah Zucker, Guido Di Salle, Pindar Van Arman and Osinachi.

Also opening today is Orica’s REFUGE exhibition to benefit Ukraine with such artists as crashblossom and Nino Arteiro.

Finally, in yet another March 31st event, Alcalá Subastas, a Spanish auction house, is holding an auction that includes work by Gala Mirissa and other artists based in Spain. Her art also recently appeared on the NASDAQ billboard.

A bunch of artists contributed to an artwork, The legend will live on, commemorating Alotta Money, that went on sale on MakersPlace last night with many CryptoArtNet members participating:

Angie Taylor
Mikko Lyytinen
Reinhard Schmid
Norma Xelda Jara
George Boya
Arsenic Lullaby
Bryan Brinkman

Brendan Dawes participated in and designed the POAP for The Art Business Conference in London, March 25th.

Bard Ionson got coverage for his announcement of a new chapter in the SAGE Anomaly NFT series.

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Originally published at on March 31, 2022.



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