CryptoArtNet Members: In Fortune Mag, Speaking at NFT.NYC, Showing Art in Solo Exhibits and Group Shows

From Meena Chopra’s The Fire

Meena Chopra presents a virtual exhibition of The Fire: A Retrospect 1985 to 1995 on display in the Virtual Gallery of Arts on the Credit from Feb 1st to Feb 28th.

A bunch of CryptoArtNet members will be speaking at the next NFT NYC gathering from June 20th to 23rd including:

Claudia Pawlak Sam Janssen Pr1mal Cypher Julian Brangold Hidden Forces Gisel X Florez

Cryptoart superstar FEWOCiOUS is featured in Fortune.

Hi Mesa Arts joins the Art Mine movement with (by HyrimBot).

Brendan Dawes’ work appears in Digital Baroque: History Meets Algorithm, from Jan 31st to Feb 8th.

ejthek curated a show on JPG featuring art from members of The Guild, a number of whom are CryptoArtNet members.

Giant Swan is part of a collaboration between 12 artists to create an exclusive NFT for Rolling Stone Live Super Bowl festivities in partnership with Coinbase. The image will later be animated for the launch of Coinbase NFT.

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Originally published at on February 2, 2022.




CryptoArtNet is a Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt!

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CryptoArtNet is a Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt!

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