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CryptoArtNet updates its site with a New NFT Art Releases stream featuring new art for sale from CryptoArtNet members

In addition, CryptoArtists on Twitter is a stream of Twitter posts from CryptoArtNet’s Twitter List of artists with directory listings.

Plus, a teaser regarding our William M. Peaster $WHALE Grant!

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As Stacks heads for 2.0 status with a commitment to Proof of Transfer (PoX) and Stacking, the Stacks Foundation is conducting a beta grants program. This program includes funding for at least two NFT art platforms.

Find out more at CryptoArtNet:
NFT Art Platforms Planned for Stacks 2.0 Blockchain

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CryptoArtists from Argentina on CryptoArtNet

Argentina has become a hotbed of digital artists making cryptoart.

No one’s quite sure why but their creativity is quite unique!



CryptoArtNet is a Directory of Artists Making CryptoArt!

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